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Complete Appointment Scheduling Software for a seamless booking experience for your clients and maximise your full business potential

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Save time and money with a powerful appointment planner.

Control your booking and manage cashless payments in one scheduling tool.

Take advantage of powerful scheduling software.

Experience the power of an automated booking system for appointments. No coding required!

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Online Bookings for Services and Facilities

Let customers easily book their preferred schedule anytime, anywhere.

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Setup for A Range of Businesses

Manage listings and locations for various businesses in your apps.

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Online Form Completion for Customers

Create customized forms for client information upon booking at the comfort of their homes.

Take full control of your online booking

Manage and schedule appointments in just a few clicks.

Integration to App and Website Made Easy

Integrate it easily into any app and website for booking. It also works on any device.

Management of Bookings in A Dashboard

Filter bookings and other appointments' details in a user-friendly dashboard.

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Setup of Appointments' Cancellation Policies

Set appointments' cancellation policies easily.

Customization of Backend Admin Console

Setup your custom time slot through flexible configuration. You can also create your own appointments' validation rules.

Real-Time Chat Support

Enjoy world-class customer service through our professional customer support team.

Sync your online booking and calendar easily.

Never miss a booking again. Book and sync your appointments and calendar from all your devices.

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Google Calendar Sync

Connect your Google Calendar appointments and reminders and make the most of every day.

Outlook Calendar Sync

Connect your Outlook Calendar appointments and reminders from all devices.

Office 365 Calendar Sync

Connect your Office 365 Calendar appointments and reminders in a few clicks.

Offer client satisfaction upon every booking.

Provide proper support to customers for a positive brand image.

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Booking Notification via Email and SMS

Confirm booking through email and SMS. Email reminders and SMS reminders for customer appointments are also sent through an automated system.

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Ecommerce and Shopping Cart Checkout

Create your store for membership, product packages, gift cards, free items, and other additional products.

Secure payments processing for every transaction.

Provide a secure and contactless process for payments.

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Online Payments for Credit Card

Accept payments through credit cards for your services. The system is equipped with advanced cybersecurity measures for apps, so client information is protected.

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Scan and Pay Process with PayNow QR

Process payments in an easy way by simply scanning the generated QR code.

What Clients Say About Us

One-Stop Online Appointment Scheduling Solution for Businesses Is Here!

AppTech Software is built to lessen the stress of managing your business. No more manual calendar entries, only automated online bookings ahead.

Are You in One of These Industries?

Take your online booking management to the next level. AppTech Software empowers numerous businesses in various industries with a simple yet powerful appointment scheduling software.

  • Client-server development
  • Database system development
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Developent
  • Website Design
  • Chatbot Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the appointment scheduling software, do you have other tools for businesses?
Other off-the-shelf software products include customer relationship management systems. For full products and service disclosure, please contact us today.
AppTech System can work on different projects. We can help you with system development service, like client-server development, database system development, web application development, mobile development, website design, chatbot design, and custom software restoration.
AppTech System can work on different projects. We can help you with system development service, like client-server development, database system development, web application development, mobile development, website design, chatbot design, and custom software restoration.
Please discuss pricing and other specific details with our professional staff today.
We'll be glad to help you with specific business requirements, features, and other needs. Please talk to one of our staff today for further information.
Yes, you can also input appointments manually along with the benefits of online booking.
The appointment scheduling software can run on both Windows and iOs. It also works for most browsers for both clients and the admin backend console.

Got More Questions? Ask Us Here.

Our professional customer support team is available 24/7 for any inquiries and concerns.

This Is How We Work

Here’s how we will work with you for your software and other requirements. We believe that open communication and a smooth workflow process are the keys to a successful collaboration. So our highly qualified managers and developers will help you every step of the way.

Step 1: Initial Client Meeting

You may talk to our professional staff to know more about software functionalities and features. If you have additional business requirements and needs, you may also discuss them during the initial client meeting for potential solutions.

Step 2: Solutions Proposal

Once details are discussed, the next stage is the proposal of solutions. This is especially relevant if there are additional functionalities or services requested to be integrated.

Step 3: Setup of Account

For your account, you can set up all necessary information into your backend admin console. This is where you set your availability schedules, payment details, and other information for your business.

Step 4: Say Hello to Automation

Now that everything is ready, you may use the appointment scheduling software. Your clients can now book their preferred schedules, pay online, and check out products. And you can now enjoy the benefits that appointment scheduling software brings.

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Clients can book an appointment anytime, anywhere.

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Manage all your bookings in one dashboard.


We use industry-standard SSL for data security.


AppTech appointment scheduling software is designed to make your business thrive without stressing you out. With advanced features and functionalities, all you need is an integrated powerful app.

Every online booking counts, just like every minute of running your business.

Let us help you manage both.